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Helping Hand Rehabs - making a difficult choice easier.

Helping you find the right rehab, at the right cost, with the right program, today.

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Anywhere You Want To Go

The UK. North America. South America. The Caribbean.  Europe. Or Asia.

We have excellent placements around the world with exclusive and non-exclusive rehabs.

What We Can Do

Featured Locations


Glasgow is a beautiful, large city with so much going for it. One of the key features is its ability to home those who have addiction problems.



If you are looking for treatment options for a drug or alcohol addiction and have been searching for ‘Rehab York’, you are in the right place.



There are a number of rehabs in Bristol for you to choose from if you are struggling with drug and alcohol addiction, or a behavioural addiction such as gambling.



If you are here because you’re looking for Rehabs Kent, you have come to the right place.

Featured Specialities


Alcohol interventions

If you have a loved one who has lost their way in alcohol addiction and refuses to go off to treatment, what do you do?

Alcohol Rehab

Where to go? What happens in alcohol rehab when you arrive? How you’ll spend your day? What you’ll learn? Why alcohol rehab is the best decision you can make to reset your life.


Cocaine Rehab

Cocaine has become one of the most common drugs taken recreationally in the UK. In fact, the UK has the highest number of young people taking cocaine in the whole of Europe!


Residential Rehab

Are you drug or alcohol dependent? Have you noticed your life spiralling out of control due to substance abuse, a behavioural concern or a dependency on prescription drugs?

We Tick Every Box

24 hour Placement Service

We guarantee to find you the right bed, in the right rehab within 24 hours.

Intervention Specialists

Our team have years of experience helping you to convince loved ones to seek professional help for their addiction.

Home Detox

For those who have a substance dependence in an early stage.

After Care

Providing a collective care plan to support early recovery and prevent relapse after a residential treatment at a rehab.

Why Our Clients Recommend Us

We make sure every client is 100% satisfied with their experience and service. No exceptions.
“My husband was a functioning alcoholic for many years, but when we went in to lockdown his drinking got very bad. I tried to talk him into getting some help but he wouldn't, so I called Helping Hand. They said I should try an intervention and gave me a number. I called and it was difficult, but successful. My husband went in to rehab and hasn't touched a drop since. He's been sober for 13 months.
“When my husband died, my doctor put me on strong prescriptive pills. After about eighteen months, I tried to stop, but I couldn’t. I felt terrible. Anxious. Depressed. My son called Helping Hand. They said the best place to help me is a rehab. I said, I’m eighty-five. I’m too old for rehab. But they found me a nice one near where I live in Spain. I went in for a month, then extended to two. But I'm off the pills now and feeling much better. Thank-you.
“I’m 23 and I was addicted to crystal meth. My mum called Helping Hand because I'd lost a lot of weight and she was getting very worried. They found me a rehab, but it was pretty scary for me. I stayed in my room for the first three days and didn't come out. When I finally did come out, everybody was so nice. I did the whole 28 days. Haven’t relapsed since but it is just one day at a time. Thank-you.”
I had been suffering from drug and alcohol dependency for some time and like so many people do, I kept trying to get it under control myself. After many failed attempts and some advice from my GP I realised that I needed more specialised help. When I initially contacted Helping Hand Rehabs I was incredibly nervous, but after some time on the phone with them I felt more at ease. They were excellent to deal with from start to finish and I’m very glad I got in touch. They found me a great treatment centre that was suitable for me and while recovery has not been easy, it’s certainly been worthwhile.
Graham B
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of people completing rehab are still sober one month after completing rehab
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are sober after 3 months
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of patients benefit from improved quality of life and health after completing drug and alcohol rehab

If you need free advice, please call

Funded Rehab

A portion of our funds provides placements in private rehabs for people that otherwise are not able to afford it. When we have funded placements available, we make an announcement on our social media channels and website, then open applications. Please visit again or follow us on social media to be informed when funded placements become available.