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Going to Rehab

The how’s, the why’s and the what’s of your first steps to getting well again.

What Happens After Rehab?

Addiction is not a curable disease, so rehab will not cure you of your addictive impulses and behaviours.  But it will help you understand what you’re up against and how…

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How Drug Rehab Works

How does drug rehab work? What happens when you go to drug rehab? How long you will need to detox? How long you should stay? What treatments are available?

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How Long Is Rehab?

Want to know how long you have to stay in rehab? What do you want from your time there? Do you just want to detox? Do you want to detox and stay well for…

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How Alcohol Rehab Works

Where to go? What happens in alcohol rehab when you arrive?  How you’ll spend your day? What you’ll learn? Why alcohol rehab is the best decision you can make…

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Funded Rehab

A portion of our funds provides placements in private rehabs for people that otherwise are not able to afford it. When we have funded placements available, we make an announcement on our social media channels and website, then open applications. Please visit again or follow us on social media to be informed when funded placements become available.