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Everything You Need To Know About Residential Rehab

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If you are living with drug or alcohol problems, this is what you need to know before accessing a residential rehab.

Are you drug or alcohol dependent? Have you noticed your life spiralling out of control due to substance abuse, a behavioural concern or a dependency on prescription drugs? Perhaps your friends and family have concerns, or you have lost a job due to an addiction? If any of this sounds familiar, don’t worry, help is available. A residential rehab can help you to tackle your addiction problems for good, and we are here to help you find the right rehab for you.


What is residential rehab?


Residential rehab is an inpatient facility. This means you go and live in the rehab during your treatment. You will be given a bedroom (sometimes on your own, sometimes sharing) and have access to all the same facilities as you would in your own home. While living at the residential rehab, you will also have access to drug addiction treatments, detox facilities, aftercare and many different therapies. All of this is designed to help you recover from drugs and alcohol – for good. 


What is treated at residential rehab?


Residential rehab is reserved for anyone who is suffering with a substance abuse addiction or a behavioural addiction. It is considered more comprehensive than outpatient and community based addiction care, as it provides a more thorough treatment programme. 

Some private rehabs cater to a wide range of addictions. Other rehabs only treat for one or two specific issues. For example, if you are suffering from an eating disorder, you will need to find a treatment centre that caters to this addiction. If you are suffering from a heroin addiction, you will need to find a rehab that offers heroin detox services. Every rehab is unique. We can give you information on the various rehabs available and their treatment offerings. 


Is residential rehab local?


You can attend a residential rehab in your local area, depending on availability. Some areas have ample resources for drug addictions, others don’t. You may wish to look further afield for a residential rehab if your local options are limited. We can help. We offer a service whereby we can find you the best rehabs – whether they’re local or national. Contact us today for more information or use our rehab finding tool. 


Benefits of residential rehab


A residential rehab is a safe environment for you to explore your addiction issues and recover in an effective, long-term way. Residential rehab is perfect if you:

  • Require a medical detox
  • Need a safe space away from triggers to embark on recovery
  • Need round the clock care
  • Want to meet other people who are recovering from drug and alcohol misuse
  • Find it difficult to manage your own recovery
  • Want to work on yourself holistically (ie not just physically, but emotionally and spiritually too). 
  • Want to learn robust skills that can help you manage your sobriety after leaving rehab. 

Research has shown that residential rehab has a higher long-term success rate than community based approaches, and therefore, this is the best place to begin if you are serious about maintaining sobriety long term. 

Some of the major benefits of accessing a private rehab in the UK include:

  • 1:1 support. Normally, a rehab will assign you a counsellor and/or psychiatrist to help you 1:1 with your recovery. You will attend talk therapy sessions and be encouraged to dig deep into self-discovery in the presence of a trained professional. You will also receive 1:1 support with daily tasks if needed, especially if you are undergoing medical detox. 
  • Group therapy and support. A rehab can house as many as 5 residents or as many as 50! But in every rehab you will find a community spirit. Everyone is there with the same goal in mind – to get better – and this peer-to-peer encouragement and support can be very effective at aiding recovery. You could even make friends for life inside a residential rehab. 
  • Management of withdrawal symptoms. When you withdraw from drugs and/or alcohol, you could experience physical and psychological symptoms, such as hallucinations, pain, stomach issues or nausea. A residential rehab will give you the best possible environment to manage your withdrawal symptoms in – without the temptation to use again. Plus, a residential rehab can teach you the skills to manage future withdrawal symptoms should they arise. 
  • Drug and alcohol detox. Trying to detox on your own can be terrifying, mostly because of the physical symptoms that can occur during this process. Plus, if you are addicted to alcohol, detox can be deadly if not managed by a medical professional. In a residential rehab, you can detox safely and securely. 
  • A range of therapies. There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to recovery. Everyone is different. Different therapies offer different outcomes. You might enjoy complementary therapies such as acupuncture. You might find talking therapy the most helpful. You might discover that art therapy is a great outlet for you. When entering a residential rehab, you are not restricted to one type of recovery. There will be a range of therapies and treatments you can choose from. 
  • Structure. Residential rehabs tend to have a lot of structure, with multiple steps you need to achieve during your sobriety journey. This can be very helpful for many people, especially if life has been very chaotic up until that point. Structure is also important if you have comorbid mental health conditions. 
  • Better success. You have a better chance of recovering for the long haul when you begin your recovery journey in a residential rehab. When it comes to your health, there is no point in cutting corners or going with the less effective treatments. It is better to opt for thorough and effective care, such as that offered by a residential rehab. 


Which rehab?


The UK is home to a huge range of private and NHS rehabs. If you are accessing an NHS rehab, you can expect a long waiting list. Spaces are competed over and you may not be guaranteed the help you need. If you are entering a privately funded rehab, you will gain quicker admission and have a better chance at recovering sooner rather than later. If you need rehab quickly, speak to us and we will find you the most cost effective solution with a rapid admission date. 

When thinking about a rehab for your addiction, the following factors are important:

  1. The rehab needs to cater to your addiction. If you have a behavioural addiction, for example, gambling or shopping, it is important that you find a rehab that will help you with this form of addiction. All addiction rehabs will cater to drug and alcohol addictions, but not all will cater to behavioural addictions. You can speak to us about your addiction so that we can find the right rehab for you. 
  2. Getting to rehab. If you cannot transport yourself to a rehab, you can check to see if the rehab offers a transportation service. We can check this for you. Just call us today to find out more. 
  3. Length of stay. We understand that you might have other life commitments like kids, a job or a university programme. We can help you to find the right length of stay for your circumstances. Many rehabs will be flexible, whereas others have much more rigid timescales. For example, some rehabs allow you to just go in for a 2 week detox and then leave again. Others offer 6-12 month residential stays to help integrate you back into the community. Length of stay depends entirely on you and your needs. 
  4. Cost. The cost of residential rehab can vary wildly. Some rehabs that are run by charities are completely free. Other rehabs might accept government funding. Most rehabs are private and self-funded and the costs of these can be anywhere from £2k to £20k per month. 
  5. Admission and waiting lists. If you need urgent help, speak to us today. There are many rehabs out there that take same day admissions. Some others have lengthier waiting lists. We can help you to find the right rehab for you, and get you into rehab as quickly as you need it. 


Talk to us


We are a group of experts in addiction and recovery who have been through rehab ourselves. We know the ins and outs of the rehab recovery process, and can empathise with how scary and challenging these first few steps can be. When you call us, you can expect an informal, friendly chat about your circumstances. We will talk about what you want from rehab, where you currently live, and your history with addiction and rehabs. From there, we do all the heavy lifting. We get you into the right rehab for you and your circumstances and help you recover in a long-term and meaningful way. Call us today and let us help you along your journey.

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