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How To Find A Cocaine Rehab UK

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Rehab placement experts Helping Hands provide all the information you need to know about cocaine rehab in the UK.

Cocaine has become one of the most common drugs taken recreationally in the UK. In fact, the UK has the highest number of young people taking cocaine in the whole of Europe! This incredibly addictive substance is easy to find and hard to stop taking once you start. For this reason, you may have found yourself searching for ‘cocaine rehab UK’, in the hope that you can achieve long-term sobriety from this dangerous, highly addictive substance. 

Cocaine rehab is a place you can access to withdraw from cocaine safely and engage in long-term recovery. It is run by experts in cocaine addiction, such as psychiatrists and counsellors, who can help you with every step of your recovery. 

If this sounds like something you are interested in, you have come to the right place. We are a group of experts who help people living with substance abuse problems find the right treatment. We have all the information you need about residential rehab, addiction counsellors and other addiction treatments. We can walk you through the process, beginning to end, and ensure you get the help you need and deserve. Contact us today for a friendly chat. 


Cocaine rehab UK


A residential rehab can help you to say goodbye to your cocaine addiction and any other drug addictions you have. The UK is home to many different rehabs, including NHS, charity run, not for profits and private / luxury facilities. Most rehabs offer a detox service, meaning you can manage your intense cravings and withdrawal symptoms safely and in a controlled environment. You can then embark upon a customised programme for cocaine abuse, which will help you stay sober for the long haul. Rehabs house some of the best addiction specialists there are, meaning you can get the very best help to quickly and permanently combat your problem. 


How does cocaine rehab work?


If you have never been to cocaine rehab before, the prospect can be daunting. You might be asking yourself:

Which rehab should I go to? 

What is the cost of rehab?

Does rehab work?

Will I be able to see my family while in rehab?

What does cocaine detox involve?

What is the treatment for cocaine addiction?

What are the rules of rehab centers?

Can I use my phone in rehab?

How long do I have to stay in rehab for?

Will I get my own room?

Will I get any aftercare?

You are not alone in asking these questions. The good news is, we have the answers. All you need to do is call us today and we can walk you through the entire process, from start to finish. 

Here is an overview of what you can expect. 



Entering rehab begins with you making an enquiry. When you call us, we will ask you about your needs, your addiction, your desired outcomes and any other factors that you think are important (e.g. your mental health, your physical health, your commitments etc). 



The admission process varies from rehab to rehab. But we will help you with this process. We do all the heavy lifting for you, so that all you have to do is show up on your admission date. Can’t get to the rehab? No problem. We can find you a rehab that offers safe transportation. 



If your body needs a detox, a rehab with a detox facility is the perfect place for you to go. You can safely withdraw from the substance you’re using. 


Addiction Recovery

The type of therapy you embark upon to recover from your addiction depends on the rehab you go to. Some utilise a wide range of therapies, including complementary therapies, talking therapies, group work and physical exercise. Other rehabs prefer to narrow these down to a select few treatments, or follow a particular ethos. We can go through all of your treatment options with you. 


Going Home / Staying Sober

This part of the process can be the most daunting for people in recovery. But a good rehab will properly equip you with the skills and tools needed to maintain long-term recovery. 



Many rehabs offer free aftercare (normally for 12 months) to help you stay on track. This means you won’t be left on your own to manage your new lifestyle without support. If free aftercare is important to you, let us know so that we can find you a rehab that offers this. 


Staying clean after cocaine rehab


After you’re finished with rehab, you might be worried about how to stay clean from cocaine. The rehab program you attend will help you develop strategies to do this. You might be advised to:

  • Stay away from triggers. These could include places, activities or certain people. For example, if you were using cocaine as part of a casual sex scene (such as when attending sex clubs or using prostitutes), then this would be considered a trigger and you would be advised to avoid these risky behaviours to avoid relapse. If you used cocaine to manage the stress of your job, you might be advised to change jobs or make drastic changes to your job role to avoid this happening when you leave rehab. 
  • Attend Cocaine Anonymous. You might find it useful to attend community based C.A meetings after leaving rehab to maintain recovery and avoid relapse. Meetings are held all over the UK. 
  • Have ongoing therapy. You might find it helpful to embark upon therapy long term in the community to manage stress, anger, depression or any other triggering mental health problems that could lead to further cocaine use. 
  • Commit to abstinence. Sometimes, one substance can lead onto another. For example, you might be more inclined to take cocaine if you’ve had a few drinks. Therefore, one recovery recommendation is total abstinence to avoid this snowballing effect. 

There are many other ways to maintain cocaine recovery, all of which you will learn while attending a residential cocaine rehab. 


Contact us for Cocaine Rehab UK


Don’t let drug addictions and cocaine addiction ruin your life. No matter how hopeless you feel, no matter how many times you’ve tried and failed to get better, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. 

Begin your journey to better health by calling us today. Alternatively, if you are reading this because you are concerned about someone with cocaine addiction or any other form of addiction, you can also call us on their behalf. We work with individuals and families to find the right type of rehab for your particular needs. 

Call us now and begin your journey to recovery .

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